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Canopy Replacement Poles

canopy replacement poles

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canopy replacement poles - Replacement Canopy

Replacement Canopy for Target's Summer Veranda Gazebo

Replacement Canopy for Target's Summer Veranda Gazebo

* This canopy fits gazebos that were sold at Target from 2005-2007 (not in 2008 or later) manufactured by SunJoy Industries, named the Summer Veranda Gazebo. * The Sunjoy model numbers of the gazebos this canopy is designed to replace are G-GZ093PST, L-GZ093PST, and TGZ093 (DPCI 242-08-3491). * Garden Winds recommends that you purchase this canopy only if you have this particular gazebo. This canopy will not fit any other gazebo. Please measure carefully, do not confuse this gazebo with the Sunjoy Madaga gazebo sold at Target stores. Compare using the below measurements. The Summer Veranda gazebo has smaller measurements than the Madaga gazebo. This product includes the canopy only. * The complete canopy and side curtain netting set is also available, SEE SIDE BAR --> * The top tier measures 36" x 36". The bottom tier measures 129" x 129". Between the top tier and bottom tier is a functional mosquito netting that allows wind ventilation. * This product includes canopy only, gazebo structure in picture sold separately.

85% (15)

Greenwich, CT Pole Replacements

Greenwich, CT Pole Replacements

This is a CL&P 6' crossarm deadend pole replacement of the transformer bank pole of the last shot. Notice the use of penta with the new pole, considering CL&P uses CCA by standard; I've seen brand new penta and creosote poles in Greenwich. This shot is located at the (Indian Field Rd) overpass of Exit 4 off of I-95. The overpass was being widened and a few poles on this line were reconfigured.

Nstar 24.9kv Poles

Nstar 24.9kv Poles

Former Commonwealth Electric 24.9kv pole designs in various places in Cape Cod

canopy replacement poles

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